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IIA works with enterprise analytics teams to grow, mature and improve analytics effectiveness


IIA has helped us not only grow as a team but gain support from other departments. We learned how to break down analytics in a way that mattered to our non-analytics coworkers.


Growth Through Analytics

How do you use analytics to improve and grow your business? At IIA we help analytics leaders drill down into the questions and processes that help them answer that question. Our unbiased assessments, market research, expert advisory network and consultants have worked with some of the largest analytics organizations to help drive change and improve their businesses. Let us show you how you can foster analytics success and maturity today.

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Establishing a successful analytics function requires investment in talent, data, leadership, tools, platform, and culture. Work with us to find efficient, individualized solutions to the many challenges that arise on the path to analytics maturity.

IIA services provide analytics strategy, expertise and measurement, to create successful analytics capabilities and deliver maximum return.




Improving patient care and increasing staff efficiencies are just some of the outcomes of a strong analytics organization. Our healthcare clients have been able to see drastic improvements in staffing, patient services all while maintaining patient privacy through analytic solutions we have helped them implement. See where we can help you grow today!




When success is heavily reliant efficiencies and lean operations, knowing when you might face a disruption in the process saves resources, time and money.  The manufacturing clients we serve have gained valuable insight and support within their analytics organization. They have helped forecast issues, prevented shutdowns and improve lean efforts. Learn how we can help your teams improve!

financial services

In an industry that has ever evolving regulations, having processes and people in place to adjust to change is imperative. We have the research and experts to help coach your analytics team on how to build strategies around change. Let us show you what we can do for your team.



media and entertainment

If you could predict market trends and the spending thresholds of your target consumer - how would that change your business? We have helped our media and entertainment clients use analytics to better forecast sales and peak spending trends to help them grow their business. Learn more here.


Understanding your buyers behavior and trends are no longer a nice to have but a must to have to stay competitive in the market.  We at IIA help our retail and consumer product clients build the teams they need to maintain their competitive advantage. Let us help you improve your analytics organization today!



transportation and logistics

Pricing increases can change quickly in the world of logistics and transportation and if those price changes aren’t socialized fast enough to clients, the company will be eating those fees.  We have helped analytics teams build models to forecast pricing changes and methods to share those changes. Let us show you how we can help your organization.

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